MBBS in abroad is Good or Bad for Indian Students

An MBBS degree continues to be one of the most sought-after degrees in India, but with the increasing competition for medical seats in the country, more students are now looking to study MBBS abroad. We take a look at the various options available for undertaking an MBBS degree overseas.

As per data from the National Board of Examinations (NBE), since 2011, China has been the most-preferred destination for Indian students who wish to obtain a primary medical qualification outside India. Russia, Ukraine and Nepal are other favourite options.

For most students, economics is the driving factor as a medical education in India comes with a hefty price tag which they are unable to afford. Students who undertake an MBBS degree in China, for example, have to pay only around 30-35 lakhs for the course which takes 4.5 years plus a year of internship. However, the quality of education in some countries often leaves a lot to be desired, and students who have completed the course of studies in inferior colleges abroad are often unable to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) that is mandatory to get the Medical Council of India (MCI) registration needed to practice in India.


While an MBBS in China is relatively inexpensive, the quality of education in some universities is not on par with other countries. Make sure that you pick an A- category medical college to ensure that the standard of education is good.

The estimated budget is around INR 30 lakh upwards for A Grade universities and around INR 20 lakh for B Grade universities. Do check out the cost of living, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses as well. Scholarships may be available for economically weaker students, although few are available for foreign students.


An MBBS degree from Bangladesh is offered with a similar syllabus, books and duration of degree as a degree from India. As the culture is also similar to India, Indian students feel at home here and are able to easily adjust to the local lifestyle.

While Bangladesh has made a lot of progress in the medical education sector, there are some colleges that offer very poor education and try to lure foreign students through false claims. Keep your eyes open and check out such claims thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. There was a recent instance of many Indian students at a university in Chittagong who staged a protest as their degree was not registered by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).

The estimated cost of undertaking an MBBS in Bangladesh comes to around INR 25-30 lakhs.


Students in the Philippines must first undertake an 18 month pre-medical course, after that students can do MD Course (equivalent to MBBS in India) for 4 years . The cost of education is very cheap and comes to approximately INR 12-15 lakhs for the MBBS degree.


USA is the number one education destination for top students, and an MBBS degree from a US University is the most sought after in the world. Many students, however, cannot afford the cost of a US education, which can range from INR 25-50 lakhs per year for a medical degree, making the overall cost between INR 2.5 to 4 crores. Funding and scholarships are limited for international students, who must strive hard to keep up with the academics and prove themselves worthy of getting such scholarships. The education here is second to none, and those who can afford the cost are all set for an excellent future.

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